TP-Link TP-SL528E Jetstream series

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    -Link aggregation (LACP) increases aggregated bandwidth, optimizing the transport of business critical data
     -IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree, provides high link availability in multiple VLAN environments.
-Support IEEE 802.1d/w Spanning Tree (STP/RSTP)
-IGMP snooping allows the forwarding of multicast packets such as streaming audio and video, without increasing network broadcast congestion.
-Non-blocking Layer 2 Switching Capacity
-GVRP (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol) allows automatic learning and dynamic assignment of VLANs
-Supports 4K active VLAN groups and 4K VLAN IDs
-Q-in-Q increases the network scalability by providing a hierarchical structure
-Supports 802.1P, Class of Service (CoS) with 4 priority queues per port
-Rate limiting confines the traffic flow accurately according to the preset value
-Supports multiple industry standard user authentication methods such as 802.1x, RADIUS Authentication, Supports 512 IP-MAC-Port-VID Binding entries
-IP Source Guard prevents IP spoofing attacks such as DoS
-Port Security enhances the security of all ports
-L2/L3/L4 Access Control Lists restrict untrusted access to the protected resource
-Virtual stackable provides high scalability and easy Single-IP-Management
-Supports Telnet, Cisco like CLI, SNMP v1/v2/v3, RMON and web access
-Supports SSL and SSH encryptions
-Port Mirroring enables monitoring selected ingress/egress traffic

i like it black hardware  :D

wah keren yak. besuk swicth hub tempelink ku juga ku cat item ach biar keren.. :D

Quote from: adhielesmana on July 19, 2011, 01:55:48 AM

wah keren yak. besuk swicth hub tempelink ku juga ku cat item ach biar keren.. :D


lek di cat item iso jadi manageable ... eke tuku cat item ae buat cat semua switch  :D


Maav agan2 skalian, please dibantu konfigurasi buat dial-up pppoe di mikrotik, topologinya sbb:

10 Modem (bridge) -------- TL-SG3216 ---------- Router ---------- Clients

Sudah trial begini :
- switch port 1-10 vlan 10,20,...100
- switchport 15 trunk ke router

Mohon dikoreksi dan dibantu... :(

dah betol ini, tinggal di router dibikin vlan ke arah trunk yg vlan id nya sama, nti tinggal di dial pppoe nya tiap vlan


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